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Interview with Boston Beer

I was geeking out a bit on this one.  Truth be told, I was jazzed to talk to John Geist – an old friend and a current VP Sales at Boston Beer Company. Although he’s been on the West Coast for many years, he’s still a Chicagoan at heart.  And […]

Interview with MetaBrand’s Eric Schnell

This is the first of several interviews of top beverage industry executives.  The overall concept is outselling the competition and standing out in a crowded marketplace.  The main topics: Selling, Leading and Achieving and these interviews are meant to shine a light on the “people” side of the equation.  Enjoy! Last […]

Silence Your Inner Critic

Newsflash!  We’re all born with a critic within us; a little voice that tells us when we’re screwing up.  A voice that’s often overly negative and judgmental.  A voice that spends its days trying to sabotage our efforts.  That was the case with Fran; a sales professional who desperately wanted […]

5 Tips for Effective Shelf Talkers

I’m often asked to identify the characteristics of an effective shelf talker.  It’s an important question! In my travels, I see a lot of shelf talkers that neither engage nor inform.  It seems (by looking at many shelf-talkers) that many a sales professional is just trying to check of an […]