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Make Use of Driving Around Time (Audio File)

Do you log a lot of miles in the car driving between your accounts?  Many sales professionals do.  What do you do during those times?  Do you listen to sports radio or contemporary rock?  Do you make and return phone calls?  Check in with the office?  Call your spouse?  When I am driving for long stretches or waiting for someone or exercising, I see ample opportunities to reflect on how I am approaching my vocation.  You should consider doing the same.  It is imperative to make time for honest self-reflection.

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About Darryl Rosen:
Darryl Rosen is one of the food and beverage industry’s leading consultants.  He uses his experience and relatable speaking and training style to transform his client’s cultures and lead them to extraordinary results. He’s an avid runner and has completed 14 marathons. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife and 3 sons.  ​Darryl’s program is designed to transform the cultures of food and beverage sales organizations in the areas of relationship building, sales presentations, sales coaching, feedback, accountability and execution, meetings, strategic leadership and success and achievement.

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