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Do You Use “Blueberry Muffin” Motivation?

Are you a fan of Dr. Oz, the television personality who often tells you a bit more than you need to know about your body?

I find him a little confusing, to be honest. Eat this; don’t eat that. Cross the street… don’t cross the street. Sometimes, he makes me afraid to get out of bed in the morning!

However, my wife likes watching his show, so sometimes I hear the discussion topics. The other day, he gave some advice that we can actually relate to your role as a manager.

I’ll call it blueberry muffin motivation. (Did that get your mouth watering?)

According to Dr. Oz, instead of eating a blueberry muffin for breakfast and absorbing so many calories in one fell swoop, it’s best to spread out your calories by eating (healthy foods) in small portions throughout the day. This way your energy level stays more constant.

When I heard Dr. Oz say this, it made me think about an approach (which I’ll now call blueberry muffin motivation) that many managers employ. They praise others so infrequently that the recognition has the same effect as that delicious muffin – a tasty, sugar rush that ultimately wears off, leaving the recipient unfulfilled and hungry for more

At that point, however, it’s often back to business as usual, where there’s more discussion about things that go wrong than things that go right.

Savvy managers understand this, so they don’t serve the blueberry muffin. Instead, they dole out the nutrition (praise) more regularly, in smaller and easier-to-absorb portions. With this approach, when a manager has to deliver meaningful, actionable feedback that might be hard for the recipient to hear, it can be taken in a more positive, balanced manner because the recipient (in this case, your sales professional) isn’t so hungry…

That’s just the way it works!

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