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6 Reasons NOT to Ignore Your Sales Pros, Even If You’re Overworked, Overstressed & Overextended!

Should you have one-to-one strategy sessions with your associates on a weekly or bi-weekly basis? Absolutely.  Even if you’re overworked, overstressed and overextended.  Even if you have to shoehorn the chat into your busy schedule.  Even if it seems you should and could be doing anything else.  Here are a few reasons to get your started.

  1. You will have more motivated people because someone is showing an interest. Reminds me of a study done in Chicago many years ago. On a factory floor, researchers turned the lights brighter – and the workers picked up the pace. Then they turned the lights down a bit and the workers worked even faster. How could there be more output with less light? Turns out they just liked being paid attention to.
  1. You will have more credibility because sales professionals look unfavorably upon managers who swoop in once in a while, only to place them on the back burner the rest of the time. Managers simply can’t give effective guidance from a distance.
  1. You will improve accountability. When you start policing your people, they will start policing themselves.
  1. You will have an easier time delivering constructive suggestions because there will be more opportunity to praise. The more you praise, the more accepting your professionals will be of your feedback. (The kind that isn’t so pleasant!)
  1. You will have more time to listen to your sales professionals, thus building their self-esteem.(Enough said!)
  1. You will help your professionals find their blind spots. Any sales professional who has been selling for a while has picked up a few negative habits here and there. Over time, people turn a blind eye to these habits. On the spot coaching provides a fresh and sorely needed perspective.

For the sake of your mutual success, pick a day and time and meet your sales pro for coffee. You’ll quickly find that it’s time well spent.

That’s just the way it works!

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