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Avoid Being Tuned-out With One Simple Secret

Do you feel that it’s getting harder and harder to keep your team’s attention.

It’s not an illusion.   It’s because they’re actively trying to tune you out.

It’s more or less a coping mechanism; human nature with all the distractions and all. But knowing this doesn’t make it any easier and your job is as a top sales leader is to prevent that from happening.

When you open your mouth to say virtually anything, you have five goals:

  • To stop the listener from mentally “clicking out.”
  • To engage the listener
  • To frame the discussion
  • To short-circuit instant negatives
  • To create positive interest

I want you to “open” all conversations with one goal in mind.

To STOP them from tuning out, and too SELL them on the benefits of listening to you.

That’s actually 2 goals, but they are one in the same.

Here’s how I do it.


I’ll explain that in a second but let’s back up for a second. Earlier I gave you a list of the 5 goals for the “open” of any conversation. Ironically, that list is directly from a book on selling. It’s not from a book on management or meeting strategy or listening skills…

…A BOOK ON SELLING! (One of Dan Kennedy’s great books!)

Herein lies the problem. Most people don’t look at it like selling, but that’s exactly what it is. IT’S SELLING. The funny thing is that when I starting making a few promises at the beginning of my presentations, my engagement scores went up DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE CONTENT AND DELIVERY STAYED THE SAME.

It was the promise. I stated some of the benefits up front.

You could say the following:

– I’m going to give you a strategy for making your numbers…

– You’re going to feel great after this meeting because I’m going to…

– I’m going to give you some actionable feedback that will revolutionize your selling…

– Stay tuned – this news will rock your world…

– This is detailed, but stay with me and you’ll see the benefits shortly…

Use your words not mine, although my approach has been proven to work. The take-away here is that you’re competing with much more than you know. There has never been more noise. Don’t make the assumption that they’re listening because they’re working hard to ignore you.

That’s just the way it works.








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